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Wellbeing Consultation

Niloufar yoga provides personalized wellbeing plans to help clients develop and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The plans are designed based on comprehensive assessment of the clients’ medical history, previous and current health issues, alignment and movement examinations, analysis of in-person interviews and written surveys completed by patients about their mental health and life events.                    
 Essential consultation
If you are a new arrival to our studio you have a privilege of 30 min free consultation, of which:
  • The status of your physical body and movement pattern will be assessed and recorded by a yoga therapist.
  • You will be got through an initial plan to get the maximum benefit of the yoga practices associated with your health.
  • Your questions about our yoga style and yoga sessions will be answered.  
 Full wellbeing review
You can come into a set of on-line and on-site private sessions and meet our clinicians, psychiatrists, Ayurvedic practitioners and experts to improve your mindfulness and the physical health and overcome the anxiety and depression.  You will be also provided with a diet which is designed based on the determination of physical constitution and basic nature according to ancient Ayurvedic doshas by an Ayurvedic practitioner.  During these wellbeing sessions, a complete review of the physical, mental and pranic body is performed to make a lifestyle plan according to the following data:
  • Balance in postures
  • Coordination of movement
  • Flexibility assessment
  • Recording your habitual patterns
The fee of each session varies depending upon the currency of the country that you get the consultancy in. For further information contact us. 

Group & In-person Yoga Classes

Niloufar yoga offers public and private yoga classes in two major styles: Vinyasa and Dance Yoga for both adults and children.

Based on clients’ demands. The classes are delivered on-site or on-line, and in private or with a group.

As both styles are not currently available at all centres, please check out our program. Based on clients’ demands, Niloufar yoga run the on-site or on-line classes, and in private or with a group. For further information, please contact our team.




Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa style focuses on synchronization of movements with the breath to activate the inner fire, flow of prana. These classes, which are delivered in a combination of gentle and meditative slow-flow (Yin) and strengthening flow (Yang), intelligently enhance mobility of the joint, strengthen the muscles, invigorate and massage the body organs. Niloufar Vinyasa sequences are followed by Savasana and pranayama. Each session ends with a closing circle during which we share our experiences. Niloufar students, therefore, leaves the classes while feeling refreshed, mentally and physically balanced and being prepared to back to work and daily life.   


 Yoga Dance

Our Dance Yoga style is a creative form of movement combining yoga and free dance as a means of power to charge the body and soul. In these classes, Niloufar Vinyasa sequences will be practiced in a rhythmic manner with music to create a balanced practice that incorporates both the inner and outer forms. All classes are offered at different levels from beginners to advanced and master classes to cover the needs of different populations.   

Teacher Training Courses

Niloufar yoga have been running a series of internal teacher training courses; reviewing more than 52 therapeutic yoga sequences in both on-site and on-line.

Our institute also hosts 200h fundamental and yoga therapy (module 1 and 2) courses.




Internal yoga teacher training

Nioulfar yoga presents a comprehensive set of teacher training courses including: yoga philosophy and lifestyle, yogic physiology, anatomy and physiology of the physical body, pranayama, kerya yoga, mantra, bandha, teaching methodology, business of yoga, etc.

 To get more information of the upcoming round contact our team.



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