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Niloufar society of yoga Lovers and Graduates was found in the 1960s by Yoga Master, Niloufar Yazdanshenas when she was in her 20s. In Persian, Niloufar means lotus. A flower that rises above the muddy waters of attachments and blooms uncovering the purity of the body, mind, and soul via its unity with the divine. Just like the meaning of her name, Niloufar yoga institute has enlightened the hearts of its students with the virtue of her pure love, compassion, vast knowledge and experience and helped them to improve their physical and mental health.

With the great level of yoga knowledge and practical experience, Niloufar yoga has trained tens of yoga teachers who are spreading these virtues around the globe every day and help others to modify their lifestyles and obtain the positive mindset and confidence they need to be happy and successful in their lives.

Our teachers truly discovered their talents and gain the abilities to make balance between both spiritual and terrestrial aspects. They are all well-educated people in different fields of science and technology (Engineering, medicine, literature, mathematics, physics, art, etc.), as well as helping the society with their yoga skills such as Vinyasa yoga, yoga dance, and yoga for kids, etc.

Niloufar yoga believes that the real yoginis and yogis are researchers, who do the research on their own laboratories which are their bodies, minds, and souls to discover all aspects of their essence. Step by step being led through a practically Niloufari-pathway, they are able to unify these three essential elements of mind, spirit, and body. 

Niloufar’s faith is that the mental health is as important as physical health which all need to be regularly looked after through 8 limbs of yoga which are divided into two groups of Hatha and Raja yoga. Hatha yoga is considered as an outer shell of yoga including: Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayam. Raja yoga is considered as an inner shell of yoga including Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. These practical techniques are educated along with the anatomic, physiologic and therapeutic point of view which help the students to find themselves to be self-contained and self-developed in their journey of self-exploration.


Wellbeing Consultation

Niloufar yoga reviews your health and wellbeing through clinical, movement, balance, and alignment assessments and provides you then with a plan to improve your health and lifestyle. 

Group & In-person Yoga Classes

Niloufar yoga runs classes of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, restoration, meditation,  yoga dance for both adults and kids in different levels.

Based on clients’ demands. The classes can be delivered on-site or on-line, and in private or with a group.


Teacher Training Courses

Niloufar yoga have been running a series of internal teacher training courses; reviewing more than 52 therapeutic yoga sequences in both on-site and on-line.

Our institute also hosts 200h fundamental and yoga therapy (module 1 and 2) courses.

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