Fatemeh Saeidi

holds RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour)
designation from Yoga Alliance

Bachelor of Microbiology(Cellular 
and Molecular Biology)

 – My experience in doing yoga:
Knowledge of yoga in the true 
sense and the benefit of healing in all aspects of life

– Best experience in Niloufar Yoga and its influence:
My presence on earth is for a global purpose٫The real actor is another force, and I am merely a device or channel for experience

-My experience with the class I held:
I have not held a class yet
But from these periods I realized that I have nothing of myself and I am just a transmitter

– How you can be influential:
By recognizing my inner truth, overcoming individual problems and issues, and realizing Dharma or the universal mission

– Interests:
Physical exercises and sports
a trip
Going to the nature
Listen to music and play
Proper association
Service with internal satisfaction and …

Training in short-term accounting courses, KAB, Photoshop, Editing, aerobics, icdl, two semesters of astrology, EFT, body code

 For me, attending class and doing asanas and finding true self and self-confidence was one of the best things in my life. I was able to find ways forward in life and find my way to my goal. We cannot always control what happens in life, but by doing yoga we can achieve inner and spiritual peace and liberation of the mind

 I think I can be helpful by listening and not judging.

Painting, music, reading books, nature, silence

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