Fatemeh Raissi Ardali

holds RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour)
designation from Yoga Alliance

My name is Fatemeh Raissi Ardali, my nickname is Suri.
I have a Bachelor degree in English Translation major.
I was born on 21 March, 1973.

– My experience of doing yoga:
 I became acquainted with yoga when I was a child, my older brother was interested in eastern culture, martial arts, yoga and meditation, and he read a book “Hypnosis” by Kabuk on that time in my childhood, which contained many interesting and attractive pictures of yoga asanas that caught my attention. There were good description and explanation about doing yoga, its asanas also about Pranayama on that book, and that was the beginning of the story, the movement towards it and the acquaintance with yoga. And after a long time pause and gap in doing it, yoga came back into my life again. Flexibility and health appeard in my body and in my mind and soul. Spirituality and mysticism became deeper and more serious in my life.

– The best experience and learning from Niloufar Yoga and its influence on my life:
Trying to find the divine plan of my life and also my main goal of life and step forward in the direction of knowing myself better and accepting and forgiving myself without denying my mistakes also I understood that I must not have been just looking for beautiful words and nice quotes but I became aware to do what I was and am learning in Niloufar Yoga in my life. To be connected to my inner light.

– Memories of the classes that I held:
Currently, I only hold yoga classes privately with family members. My niece and my nephew are very comfortable with me, and one day when the class was over, my nephew told me : “Others do not think like us and do not respect Satya and honesty and these kinds of asanas and lessons, and they do not pay any attention to these things at all, and it is possible they also make fun of us.” And I told him that many people might go against the truth and disobey Satya and honesty, but there was no reason for us to behave like them. And he said that it’s hard, but I’m trying to follow Satya and honesty and lessons.
Many times when I teach them, it’s as if I’m telling lessons to myself again.

– Interests:
In general, I am interested in arts, painting, music, literature, theater, cinema, dance …
I love traveling, nature and sports.

– What is my idea about how can I be influential:
By learning yoga in Niloufar Yoga, I feel that I can help both myself and others by teaching yoga to them and also in this way I am able to lead them to the light and health of body and soul, and to help them in going towards to consciousness and awareness.
In first step I myself must be aware of all lessons and doing them.

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