Fateme Nouri

holds RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour)
designation from Yoga Alliance

Fateme Nouri
Bachelor Degree :
Engineering physics at University of Tehran

– My experience in doing yoga:
the calmness I experience after each single session and awareness of my breathing, also accepting my emotions and thoughts, which increases after each single session.

– Best experience in Niloufar yoga and it’s influence:
awareness of my emotions as well as my thoughts without any judgment, it prevents me from self struggling.
self love.

– An experience about your own class:
being with my passionate students, compeletly changes my emotions, even if I was struggling with them before that session, to motivation.
each time I teach one of the doctrines that I have learned from my instructor, in my own class, it is repeated for me. As if I am teaching and learning at the same time, consequently I pay attention to it more and more everyday.

– How you can be influential:
I think by changing my wrong beliefs and loving all people and creatures, I would be closer to who I should be and it is useful.

– Interests:
nature, silence, instrumental music.

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