Faezeh Taalimi

holds RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour)
designation from Yoga Alliance

Faezeh taalimi
Bachelor of fashion designer

– My experience of yoga:
Each of us is a exciting story of life and our lifestyle is a reflection of our behavior and actions

– The best part of the training you learnt from Niloufar’s Yoga Course and its effect on you:
Everyone’s actions are constantly with his/her.
Every action that comes from someone, influences all the universe and everybody is affected by what he/she has done. Thus, everyone’s conditions shows the actions he/she has been done. So what we receive from outside is actually a mirror which illustrates us our mind, body and thought.

– How do you think you can be useful?
By using niloufar yoga instructions, I remind others that every one is unique in his/her situation and should just return to his/her inside and listen to its voice.

– Interests and other abilities:
Fashion design – fashion illustration – tailoring – sewing instructor – drawing &painting – nature tourism

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