Saghar mazloumzadeh​

holds RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour)
designation from Yoga Alliance

Saghar mazloumzadeh

– My experience in doing yoga:
 yoga couse me to know my body, mind and feelings in a deeper and right way. Also lessons and asanas cause me feel more balance in both sides of my brain and my body. It allowed me to be in balance with the rhythm of the universe.

– Best experience in Niloufar yoga and it’s infuence:
We are boundless and infinit beings in a spirtual trip. There is no bad feelings. Feelings are the essence of our existance. To be in balance we must know our feelings and have to own them. I mostly blamed myself because of some of my emotions in the past and had internal conflict, but by observing them I noticed that several emotions overwhelm me and cause repetitive behavior in me. After knowing and recognizing them I tried to be their owner and be more in peace.

– An experience about our own class:
 Each student is a gift from God and really teaches me a lesson and I am a means by my teacher to convey love.

– How you can be influential:
I should be a means to give unconditional love and help every one.

– interests:
Drawing and painting, traveling, swimming, teaching kids, painting on wood, reading, nature

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