Naghmeh Mostofi

holds RYT500 (Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hour)
and E-RYT200 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour)
 designations from Yoga Alliance.

 PhD in Psychological and Brain Sciences


 Naghmeh Mostofi
· PhD in Psychological and Brain Sciences
· I have been practicing Yoga for almost 15 years. For me, Yoga is a way of life, a journey from me to me. A path to cognize and unite with my true being within me where all the happiness, peace and balance exists.
· Niloufar teaches me to stop looking outward for love, peace and happiness and search for them in myself as everything is mortal except my true self which is vast and infinite within me. She teaches me no matter how turbulent the surface of an ocean is, the depth stays calm. This has helped me to turn my eyes inward and stop seeking love and peace in people or things. It has truly brought meaning to my life and experiences.
· Through my instructing experience over the past 9 years, I have realized that other’s interpretation of me and my instructions is based on their personal beliefs and mentalities and that people look at each other’s actions and not words. So, I should neither rely on their admiration nor their rejection and just be myself and talk from where I am.
· Besides Yoga, I enjoy singing, traveling and painting.
· I can only make an influence on my surrounding if I know, love and accept myself the way I am and follow the same approach toward to world and people around me.

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