Honored to commence learning yoga at Niloufar School of Yoga in 2002, Mina experienced Ashtanga Vinyasa style over 17 years. After taking teacher training courses, she set up her yoga class and tutored from 2006 to 2011.

Holding the bachelor in architecture she has international certifications in interior designing and possesses more than seven years of work experience in this industry. She passed Feng Shui courses in Niloufar society of yoga Lovers and Graduates to learn how to provide a peaceful environment for people’s living; she has practical experiences in decorating houses based on Feng Shui principles under her master

She also was certified by Hansa Yoga in New Zealand after participating in 200-hour teacher training courses in 2018. Mina has always been passionate to explore Yoga in physical, mental and spiritual dimensions in order to achieve a higher level of self-awareness.

She follows the training objectives of Niloufar School of Yoga and attempts to arrange practices in her class to align the body with mind and spirit. Based on her learnings in Niloufar School of Yoga, conscious breathing is the key to enhance the awareness and energy level, and she regularly emphasizes this in her class.

She gives special respect to nature and animals and has been supporting and protecting street cats over 20 years by feeding and providing a place for their living.

You can join Mina's classes in Rotterdam & Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Call her now: +31 0684511239

Mina's yoga class is good. The fatigue of the body is eliminated and it gives good comfort to the body and the soul.
The Netherlands
According to my experience in these yoga sessions, the yoga dear Mina trains is very comforting and relaxing for both my body and soul. Besides, I feel that the negative energies are eliminated and I have a lively feeling at the end of the session.
The Netherlands
A regular and good class with comfort.
The Netherlands
In this one month, when I took part in the Niloufar Yoga class, I feel both mentally and physically better. This class has made me pay more attention to my body and my breathing as well. I found mental peace through the breathing technique. Overall, the company in this class brought me good results and I am very happy.
The Netherlands
I used to and am still looking for presence and calmness in the current moment, having no fear of the future, and embracing the past. Beginning with Niloufar Yoga class, I'm stepping up to my goal. Hoping for humanity to be just a little aware of the universe. I'm sure that I'll take a step further into the universe by yoga knowledge and Niloufar Yoga training lessons. Thank you.
The Netherlands
Yoga classes are really great and have a great impact on reducing stress and strengthening my body. I always wished to go to the yoga class. I thank God that this class was launched in the Netherlands and I can attend these classes.
The Netherlands
Through Niloufar yoga, I was able to be more satisfied with myself, pay more attention to my body, feel good and have a lot of relaxation throughout the week. As a bird freed from the cage, I have found a sense of freedom and joy.
The Netherlands
I am very glad that the Persian Yoga class is held in Rotterdam, because I understand it more easily and I can make the movements more accurate. Although I had only one meeting in the classroom, I'm very pleased with the exercises and their effects . I hope classes are always held
The Netherlands
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