I was born and grown in Tehran, Iran. I love studying, cooking, gardening, tramping, traveling and of course doing yoga :).

My yoga story began from my adolescence when I was following my true calling; seeking a way to release my stress, turn around my bad mood, be calm and mindful. At year 19, I was introduced to Niloufar yoga and very soon I was astonished how smoothly Niloufar gave me the flavor of what I was looking for. Since then I believe yoga is an appropriate solution to retain our mindfulness, healthiness, and happiness.

I have learned an ongoing training is an essential element of being a student of mindfulness path; beyond space and time. Indeed, the universe dispatches the lessons from a real teacher to a real student everywhere and every time. My observation proved this reality. In 2013, I moved to New Zealand for studying my Ph.D. in Medical Imaging. After six months, among all difficulties due to settlement and being familiar with my research topic, I realized that I missed one of the important parts of my life which was yoga. I, therefore, started doing yoga in the Recreation centre of the university. It was a good start to know some of my current yoga friends and learn more about the western style of yoga. After my thesis submission, I decided to teach yoga again besides my professional career. 

If you 'd like to join Marzi 's classes in Christchurch, New Zealand

Send her an email: mm.anjom@gmail.com

Being inspired by my yoga teacher, I justify the yoga consequences in the physical body with anatomy, physiology, physics principle, biomedical engineering rather than just an exclusive sensational practice. When I describe one yoga position, transition or a breathing technique for my yoga students along with the medical and biomedical impacts on their bodies, all of them get amazed and more enthusiastic to melt in the practice and explore their amazing bodies.  My goal is to offer my students feeling refreshed with invigorating their internal organs, mentally and physically balanced to be prepared to back to work and daily life. 

My teaching flow includes both demonstration (either by doing a pose or using a slide presentation) and the hands-on assist. This allows students to safely transit their bodies to a pose.

 I would like to share with you one of the main lessons that I took which is practicing an active meditation in addition to the passive meditation.

“The active meditation means being mindful at all moments of daily life such as driving, talking to people, working, educating, walking, etc. Hence, meditation is not limited to sitting for a long time in a quiet position and concentrating on a candle flame which can be referred as a passive meditation. Although this way needs to be included as a daily practice, the more critical level is to keep focussing on our daily tasks and doing them with the high level of accuracy and precision among all noises and all interference.”
Niloufar Yazdanshenas, Yoga master.

Marzi's yoga classes empowered me to feel healthy and strong from inside. The yoga lessons that she gave, help me a lot in feeling relaxed and energetic after my hectic work schedule.
Dr. Hero Modares
IT Engineer, NZ
I have been doing yoga for about a year and a half and during this time I had gone through an astonishing journey. I had never done yoga before 2017 and my dearest friend Marzi invited me to join her classes. I found these classes mandatory for my well-being as I went through it. Weekly class with Marzi not only helped me to regain my physical flexibility but it also improved my mental concentration skills. She begins the class by drawing attention inward and teaches us some light postures so that everyone in the class is ready for the yoga mentally and physically. She has a deep knowledge of yoga and human physiology which is highly efficient it postures designing. She always has a new posture designed for every session which adds excitement to each class. The postures have great portions of balance stretching, breathing, and concentration. After doing yoga for more than a year, I found weekly yoga sessions as of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had. I really enjoy my feelings after class. Finally, I like to say Marzi's classes serve to replenish my physical energy and my sense of hope and joy in my life.
Fatemeh Asghari
PhD Student, Otago University, NZ
It is my great pleasure and honor to write this letter to testify my attendance in Marzi's classes from 2005 to 2007. Marzi was my first yoga teacher. The love and passion she had, and still has, for yoga was the reason I decided to pursue this path to this day. I am currently a registered yoga teacher in the United States and am grateful for her mentorship in my life. She showed me how to seek peace inside myself and bring my attention to my heart. Be mindful of my body and thoughts and feel the harmony between myself and the entire universe
Dr. Naghmeh Mostofi
Alliance qualified yoga teacher
Senior Biomedical Engineer, USA
I started my yoga course in 2005. The first course that I took was amazing. I did not have any experience of doing yoga till that time but when I got to the class everything change. I saw the changes in my physical body and also in my mind. My first yoga teacher, Marzi, was professional and patient. With the knowledge of yoga, anatomy and physiology she could teach whatever was necessary for my health. From that time till now I could not stop doing yoga and I am sure that her nice introduction of yoga kept me in this way.
Sanam Akhondzadeh
Yoga teacher
Social worker, Austria
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