Ala Sineh sepehr​

holds RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour)
designation from Yoga Alliance

Ala Sineh sepehr
Bachelor of sculpture

– My experience of yoga:
Generally, I can say that attending Niloufar’s Yoga Course was the best experience and the biggest miracle of my life because it changed the path of my life like a river flowing to the ocean. I keep thinking what would have happened to me and how my life would have been if I were not lucky enough to meet my trainer.
Attending this course, made me gain experiences I never had; experiences such as love and feeling of unity with the whole universe, passing beyond judgments, silence of the mind, seeing the light within, feeling comfortable, and in peace.

– The best part of the training you learnt from Niloufar’s Yoga Course and its effect on you:
Knowing yourself, bringing God into your life, and take steps from the heart.
This made me become aware of my emotions and thoughts and prevent from making wrong decisions in my life.

– An experience from the course you attended:
Sometimes it felt as if the speaker is someone else and it is the energy that guides me.

– How do you think you can be useful?
I think by gaining awareness and insight I can serve others and be useful.

– Interests and other abilities:
Meditating, hiking, listening to music, doing activities in the field of visual arts, painting, vitreous enamel (porcelain enamel), etc.


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